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29th May 2010


The morning of the 23rd was a bit of a downer as we were en route to Holyoke, MA. Eric was stricken with a bug that rendered him unable to do much of anything. A common cold like illness had already swept its way through the van giving most of the band some minor symptoms. What Eric had was far worse. To spare the gory details as it was a really unpleasant illness he was forced to go to the hospital once we arrived at the venue. So they dropped the trailer and Justin took Eric to the hospital. Due to the stellar medical care one typically receives in the Emergency Room when not in any real danger of dying, Eric was not given any sort of medical care for many hours. As their set time approached Justin left Eric there and drove back to the venue to play their set and then go back.  On their recordings, AHAF has always been a 6-piece band with three guitarists. They had only recently parted ways with one of their guitarists and were carrying on with just the two guitarists. So forced to play now with only Jeffers on guitar the show had to go on. Under the circumstances the show went really well and received a really good response from the crowd. In other news, outside the venue some sort of freak occurrence of mother nature was going on.


What you see there isn’t snow since it was most definitely around 90 degrees outside. It was some sort of light fluffy plant matter that was floating around in the air and had the uncanny ability to home in and fly directly into your eyes and mouth. It reminded of something out of that movie The Happening where mother nature gets mad and the plants revolt. If you haven’t seen it, don’t, it’s awful. 






That last one is a picture of where Eric typically stands. But since he decided not to show up it’s just kind of a picture of the floor with Tim in the background. But for an update Eric just had a virus of some sort and was well enough to continue on after a good night’s rest at a hotel that night.

29th May 2010



Next in line was Broadway Joe’s in Buffalo, NY. We arrived early so we stopped for a routine oil change at a nearby service station since we had already went over the recommended 3000 miles thus far on the tour alone. The venue was small. Really small. So of course it ended up selling out. By sold out I mean it had as many people packed into it as one of those clown cars in the circus. The merch table was right in the eye of the storm as far as being near the stage and pit. So with each breakdown it got shuffled around until I was eventually pinned between the merch table and the bar. For it’s size it was definitely one of the more lively crowds so far.




26th May 2010


I Know I Live from Club Octane in Charleroi, PA on 5/21/10

25th May 2010


Going from a new venue from day to day gets a little monotonous with things falling into a routine of sorts. So whenever there is an interesting venue or interesting people or some sort of out of the ordinary occurances it makes for a much better experience. Club Octane in Charleroi, PA (Suburban Pittsburgh) gave us this kind of excitement. 



This venue had two separate rooms, one where the stage was located and another where the entrance and merch was. There had to have been a violation of the fire code. There were waaay too many people in such a small venue. In addition to all the people packed in the venue had no windows/open doors and had no ventilation system or fans. So it was hot beyond belief in there. Hot like when you open the oven to take something out and the hot air hits your face. Hot like where the term “face-melting” applies in more ways than one. Or as best described by everyone’s favorite, Fumbles, the bassist of Dr. Acula:

It’s so hot it feels like we are all smoking a thousand cigarettes at the same time while farting constantly and gingers are photoshopped in behind us making us all that much more uncomfortable”

Well said.

During Attila’s set an ambulance was called in as a kid had his nose broken and his finger nearly severed.  As in his finger almost came detached from his hand. Literally. It was quite the site. It gives an accurate evaluation of how the crowds have been on this tour as of late. They started out a little thin and passive but these last few dates have been packed and insane. All bands including the locals have even had circle pits going. It’s nice to see. A few live shots are below. Sure I got some pretty nice shots but the less serious, ridiculous looking ones with awkward facial expressions will suffice this time. Also note Matt’s awesome Eazy-E shirt. I got some video from this date that will be posted as soon as I can get a more reliable internet connection.




24th May 2010


After a long night we had to be up at 8 AM to head into downtown Chicago to visit the Victory Records offices. Being someone who has always been very interested in the industry and everything behind it this was a really enlightening experience. The band talked with many of the different employees at the label about marketing and setting up future tours and what it would take to get them to continue to get bigger.  It was nice to see the people at the label being so optimistic and encouraging about what they could do to help get the band to where they want to be. Here are some pictures of the offices which include some pretty solid album artwork from some of Victory’s releases.





After the visit to the Victory offices we set out for Toledo and Frankie’s Inner City. 


Our Thursday started with lunch at Del Taco. There was a huge “Free Wifi” sign on the door which insured we would be sticking around for awhile.  We hung out in their dining room for 3-4 hours doing some “day trading”; since we had such a short drive from Toledo to Southgate we had a lot of downtime. Plus finding free wifi on tour is like striking gold, hence why these updates cover multiple days in each post. So we took advantage of it while we had it. It was the perfect place to spend multiple hours though, we all went back and ordered more of their fine Mexican-ish dishes and at 49 cents per taco we were all over that.

We then went on the less than an hour drive to Modern Exchange in Southgate, MI.


Modern Exchange is a vintage clothing store by day, music venue by night. Live shots:






19th May 2010


After we arrived in Tinley Park, in the suburbs of Chicago, I was told we would be going to Lou Malnati’s to get pizza. Knowing we were in Chicago and they sold deep dish pizza, that had me pretty excited as Chicago is famous for such pizza. They were pretty steep in price but completely worth every penny. The staff even let us into the kitchen to take some pictures. This was only after thorough coaxing from the entire band.




After lunch we headed to Fiesta. In the parking lot before load-in the crew from DigitalTourbus.com came out and filmed a piece on the van and trailer. He seemed impressed by how much thought they put into it as they wanted to make it more interesting than most of the other videos on the site. Below are a few shots of the filming just to give a taste of what you will see. As soon as they post the video will link to it on the blog. Beware: partial male nudity and creeper mustaches below.





The venue being in the middle of a strip mall caused plenty of on-lookers to stop in their tracks and admire at the scantily clad Matt in all his manliness streaking through the parking lot. 


And finally we will end it with some live shots from Fiesta in Tinley Park, IL.










18th May 2010



With Baja Blast running through the veins and mourning the virtual genocide of the armadillo population of Missouri we finally arrived in Wichita. We visited a little shop called Patricia’s where we encountered the Burning Angel:


I will leave it up to you to figure out what that is or Google it. Unfortunately it was out of the reasonable price range for a gag gift and was not purchased. Although I’m sure donations would be gladly accepted.  We stayed the night outside a hotel and crept around outside hotel rooms as seen in the video below.

For legal reasons we will say this was a Best Western in Kansas City. And if by chance my beloved “Sheila” sees this, please don’t call the cops. I’m hoping my luck is good enough to where the one person that we do this to doesn’t happen to be like the world’s biggest A Hero A Fake fan who is really interested in reading this blog.

Here are some shots from the Eagles Lodge in Wichita and Black Sheep Cafe in Springfield, IL. 



Killing some time with some log and brick baseball. 


Meeting the guys in Attila and Blind Witness.



The stage and setting up at the Eagles Lodge in Wichita.




The Black Sheep Cafe in Springfield, IL. 

We are onward to Tinley Park in suburban Chicago tonight. Expect some live shots and hopefully some video to follow.

18th May 2010


5th May 2010


Tour poster

Hello there. Welcome to the home of the A Hero A Fake Rage Tour Blog. Here you will find photos, videos and interviews with the band as we travel along the midwest and along the east coast. I hope to capture all aspects of the touring experience as well as help you get to know these guys and their story. 

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Here are the dates for the tour. There are two dates prior to The Rage Tour, I will be meeting up with the band starting the 14th in Brandenburg, KY and throughout the remainder of the dates. So be sure to come out and see the tour.

May 8th- Tremont Music Hall in Charlotte, NC with Swamp Witch, Wretched, and Tyrannis

May 14th- Green Wave Music Hall in Brandenburg, KY with HORSE the Band,Endless Hallway and Oceana.

THE RAGE TOUR with AttilaDr. Acula and Blind Witness.

May 16th- Eagles Lodge North in Wichita, KS

May 17th- Blacksheep Cafe in Springfield, IL

May 18th- Fiesta in Tinley Park, IL

May 19th- Frankie’s Inner City in Toledo, OH

May 20th- The Modern Exchange in Southgate, MI

May 21st- Club Octane in Charleroi, PA

May 22nd- Broadway Joe’s in Buffalo, NY

May 23rd- Waterfront Tavern in Holyoke, MA

May 24th- Crocodile Rock Cafe in Allentown, PA

May 25th- Spotswood VFW in Spotswood, NJ

May 26th- Mt. Airy VFW in Mt. Airy, MD

May 27th- The Brickhouse in Nitro, WV

May 28th- Skate High in Virginia Beach, VA

May 29th- The Movement in Loganville, GA

May 30th- Oasis in Charleston, SC

May 31st- The Pit in Jacksonville, FL

June 1st- Ground Control in West Palm Beach, FL

June 2nd- Transitions Art Gallery in Tampa, FL

June 3rd- The Chop Shop in Ft. Myers, FL

June 4th- The Vault in Pensacola, FL

June 5th- Gallery 13 in Columbus, GA